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I like photography a lot. When I have a visual record of things, I feel much more complete. Because I’m a writer professionally, I sometimes feel confined to my chosen medium, so it’s nice to step out of it some days.

On my way home from a day in the city the other night, I snapped a few photos with my Blackberry that I think evoke a side of White Plains that most folks never see. At night, White Plains virtually shuts down. Except for the water fountain in front of the Starbucks and the traffic lights, there’s very little that’s moving.

Last Wednesday night it was misty and foggy and I was a little bit drunk, which added to the mysticism of the whole thing. Here’s what I saw.

Main Street, just after the train station.

The aforementioned water fountains, with police cars adding a little something.

The passage and street beneath the Galleria Mall.

The gaudiest storefront on the planet.

I always liked this logo and evocation of a favorite sammich.

Streetlights and trees.

A normally busy thoroughfare goes utterly abandoned at night.

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