Writer. Educator.
Occasional Gadfly.

Photo: Kate Schafer Testerman

Hi! My name is Yi Shun Lai (say “yeeshun” for my first name; “lie” for my last). I’m a writer and educator. In my writing life, I work in both fiction and nonfiction. Books take a long time to write, but on a more frequent basis, you can find my artwork, and my noodlings on creativity, productivity and more over at Medium; and my monthly column on on broadening our bookshelves over at The Writer magazine.

In my education life, I teach in a master of fine arts program, where I specialize in creative writing and publishing. I also write, develop, and facilitate workshops in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

My educational philosophy revolves around giving people the tools you need and want, so you can be the best you can possibly be. And I want the same for myself, which means I love learning new-to-me things and perspectives.

Thank you very much for visiting!