Ooh, but it’s felt like a very long time since I’ve had time to sit about and do nothing. First there was a trip to DC to help move my brother and his wife into their lovely new home in Washington, DC. Then there was a week-long trip to Wisconsin and Chicago to see a friend get married and to visit with friends.

Then there was a friend moving back home–cause for great fanfare on that count–and then there was The Weekend, and now it is Monday again. I am too tired to do anything but photodump, so I’ll do that.

In related news, there were 479 photos on my Blackberry when I finally purged it this morning. I’ve noted it elsewhere, but I’ll say it again–when you’ve been staring at a photo on a very small screen for ages, it is somewhat of a shock to see it on big screen. The results can either be good, or shockingly bad, or just kind of annoying. (“I never noticed my lens was smudgy before!”)

Here are some photos from the trip. Our friend Kim got married in Wisconsin, and the reception was at the Harley Davidson museum. Peeps, if you’ve never been, go. It is truly an extraordinary archive of everything machine-related, and that includes marketing materials. For a word nerd like me, it was heaven. Here:

Love this fantastic copy.
And this great poster, a collaboration between Harley Davidson and the National Coalition for Safety, whatever that is.
and this.
The bridal party, from afar.
Kim hired the Milwaukee Brewers racing sausages. There were 5, and they did the Conga line and the Chicken dance. Only in Milwaukee.
Here's a photo of a 1936 Harley. Love the sweeping lines.
Just look at the gorgeous marchinery that goes into a bike.
This lovely sidecar is called a "chummy car." Wonderful.
If I had a motorbike, I'd want this one. It was created in '74, the year I was born. Must be a sign.

I shall close with this photo. Kim had these little LED lights that substituted for candles. When I turned my back,…well, this is what happened.

I see a remarkable resemblance to these creatures:

Hopefully the next time I post I’ll have less fuzzy photos and more interesting things to say. Sigh.

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