…Although, really, it’s been a month and a half.
This is the first time I’ve ever blogged from my iPad, although I’ve had one now since February. I think I imagined myself doing a lot more in terms of blogging while mobile, especially given all of the wonderful things I saw and experienced while I was on Whidbey Island for my MFA course.
I’m going to try and insert some photos here while I’m at it, although that may ultimately prove to be a failure. Here, let’s try one now.
Nope, that didn’t work. What a bummer.
These past ten days were incredibly hard. I had some very interesting experiences, although really what strikes me is how drained I feel. potentially it comes from having been “on” the entire time, but I’m more inclined to believe it’s because I met so many awesome people and made, I hope, so many new friends that I am just feeling totally overwhelmed.
Since I can’t post photos, I’ll try to be visually interesting in other ways.
First, a list, of the awesome people I met and got to know better.
1. Ana Maria Spagna
Ana Maria is my nonfiction workshop instructor. Her advice is incisive, but her reading and reactions are all human. More often than not, the incision and the human reaction are on the same page. working with Ana Maria will make my fiction better, but her workshop is also part of the reason I am so tired. I think it has been a long time since I’ve had to examine my motives so deeply.
2. Marc Acito
Marc was the graduation speaker this year. His commentary was a riot, and his advice was every bit worth writing down. He’s passionate about his work, and I very much enjoyed his company while at residency. With that said, he lives in New York City now, so I’m hoping to see much more of him when we both return.
3. Kate Gale
Kate is the managing editor of Red Hen press. I have deep respect for her, and for the fact that she and my friend Steve and I dove right into a dizzyingly deep conversation on fiction within about two minutes of her sitting down. She’ll be in New York soon too for some readings, and I’m planning on seeing her soon.
4. Nancy Norton
Part-time Seattle-ite, part-time resident of a tiny village in France. Enough said. No, not really. What if I told you that Nancy’s just barely in her 60s and still one of the feistiest people I know? What if I told you that I can’t wait to see her when she pops into New York in a couple of weeks? Fantastic!
5. Ashia Lane
Classmate and instant–and I do mean full-on immediate–friend. we can’t stop laughing when we’re around each other. We get each other, right from the moment we met last residency. And this residency, I got to take advantage of Ashia’s sharp reading skills when I banged out some seriously half-assed garbage the day before our student reading. And Ashia was able to Diagnose The Problem. And prescribe some fixes. Brilliant.

Okay. They’re calling my flight to board. and my foot is going numb. More tomorrow. With pictures. Yay!

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