Falafel, so plain
Until fried in surprise form,
Cooked like a doughnut.


In other news, I am headed off this weekend to what promises to be a most rewarding writing retreat. Aside from the great editors and agents I’ll get to meet, I’ll also get to finally meet a person I’ve already worked with and spoken to on the telephone, the fantastic Ami Hendrickson. Two other writers I know are going, as well, and the whole thing is masterminded by an editor I know via my MFA program, Melissa Manlove.
I can’t wait. Except for the enormous pile of work I have to do before I take off on Friday morning. Yuck!
Okay. More later.


  1. hi Yi-Shun,

    I am so proud to have my 1st 2 poems dedicated to my grandfather published!


    yours truly,

    Sandy Yu-Jen Lai

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