Okay. I know I said I’d write a review of Lonesome Dove today, but this has really been pestering me for awhile.

I give you this untidy pile of  Things I Miss*:

  • Grey days that are not pouring rain
  • A non-static-electricity-charged dog
  • A non-bad-hair-day dog
  • Our concierges (always someone to say hello to!)
  • The folks in the park across the street with their dogs
  • The sound of school letting out across the other street
  • Walking to the grocery store to pick something up
  • Jim’s 6-mile commute to work on bike
  • Seeing people read on mass transit
  • Mass transit itself
  • Kathlyn and Payson from down the hall, always good for a stroll and puppytime
  • The Hudson River
  • Big, world-class arts institutions twenty minutes’ away by train
  • Little world-class arts institutions five minutes by car or half an hour by hilly bike ride**
  • Great fashion and personal style, RIGHT THERE ON THE STREET!
  • The lack of need for sunglasses (c.f. rainy days, above)
  • Being only 4 or 5 hours behind my friends in the UK, as opposed to a FULL FREAKING DAY OMG.
  • Related: Knowing they’re only a direct flight of 5 hours away, as opposed to FULL FREAKING DAY ETC.

*This list does not include obvious things, like people I went out with all the time and miss horribly.

**This may not be something I need to miss. I need to check out my alma mater’s art offerings, and that’s downhill all the way there by two miles and uphill back.

There. Now that I’ve braindumped, I can move on for awhile. And I can sort of content myself with this. And this, although they both give me pangs to looks at. Eurgh.



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