Sprocket and I stroll every day, twice, three times a day. our longer morning stroll takes us down a small path. We see a lot of different trees, and I’m always stopping to look and touch and smell. I’m just about as bad as Sprocket is. Our strolls are really meanderings. We stop and look at birds and take a break from the workday. It’s lovely.
Here’s a sampling of the bark I see. Some of these are eucalyptus, some are pepper, some are live oak.


What things do you see every day that make you stop, every day?


  1. Lizards. Those ubiquitous lizards that hide under bushes and run like the dickens when you walk by. All sizes amaze me, however the tiny ones just make me giddy as though i’ve never seen something small before. I love to imagine the lives they must lead under the bushes. Is there more than one, or is it a rogue lizard who broke away from the pack to live a life on his own terms? Even though they aren’t natures most interesting or glamorous creature, they do possess a quality I admire: the ability to show worry on their tiny pointed faces. For that alone, I will continue to support their cause of darting in and out of bushes as I walk by.

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