These sharp things are all over the sidewalks. I stay far away, if only because I know I am a klutz and I am more likely than others to just randomly fall into them.
Sigh. Welcome to life in California.
Other things I have to now consider:

  • The blocks are big here in suburbia, so I no longer take the hound for a tiny stroll. And when he poops, it is more than likely on someone else’s lawn, which is embarrassing even if I pick it right up. I may have to actually teach him to curb.
  • I am a mile from my parents. This is actually kind of cool.
  • I can no longer walk to the grocery story just to pick something up.
  • Later I am meeting a friend for drinks. This will require getting into the car. Therefore, I must have no more than two glasses of wine.
  • (Theoretically I could ride my bike. But I have errands to do along the way, so…)
  • I work east coast hours still. This means I am starving by 9 AM.
  • I HAVE APPLIANCES! WE OWN THEM! This is strange.
  • One telephone is not enough for a house with upstairs downstairs and 2800 square feet plus a backyard.
  • Aside from curbing the hound, I must also now curb Mr. Gooddirt, who is showing alarming tendencies towards building elaborate outdoor spaces, including but not limited to:
  1. Outdoor TV
  2. Treadmill pools-cum-spas
  3. Wireless speakers
  4. Huge grills
  5. Succulent gardens

That’s all for now. I should think that’s quite enough, don’t you?



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