Things I have Lost in the past half-year:

1. A gold bracelet. Packed it away “for safekeeping” a decade ago. Reminded of it in November. Hunted madly for it in December. Found it. Wore it out. Immediately lost it in park. Hunted madly for it with headlamps in three-acre park across street. Found it. Packed it away “for safekeeping” again. This time, for real.

2. Some confidence. Store is somewhat dimished.

3. Some inhibition. I’d forgotten how much I like submitting essays to places.

4. Some patience. Some things I am just too old for.

5. A toenail. Seriously. I was sitting there watching Downton Abbey, and the damn thing just popped off. Gross. Thing is, I’m not even training for anything, and so there is no reason for said toenail to come popping off. Took with it a lovely polish job, too.

6. 3 pounds. Gained and then lost again; gained and then lost again. Who knows where they go?

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