March 13-19

45 min
Sunday, March 13 noon CST /10am PST
Monday-Friday, March 14-18 7pm CST /5pm PST
Saturday, March 19 noon CST /10am PST

Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. 

–Mary Oliver

Do you long to write but struggle to make the time? It takes seven days to break in a new habit. 

March 13-19, join Ellie Roscher and Yi Shun Lai for a week-long, 45 minute-a-day for a week jumpstart to prioritize yourself as an artist. Yi Shun and Ellie will lead the community in reading, writing, discussion, movement and mindfulness exercises to deepen your practice. All sessions will be held over Zoom, with a dedicated Facebook page to keep up the traction and conversation. 

Our routine supports flow and unsticks stories of and in our bodies. Writers notice. We pay attention. By moving our bodies and heightening our senses, we can shake the dust off our writing routine and remember we are swimming in stories. We will practice habit stacking and an artistic routine that welcomes the subconscious to produce ideas and sentences that are alive with energy and creativity. We will leave validated and encouraged to write in the small moments of our day, more confident that we can welcome creativity in our minds away from the restrictions of a computer. We will explore themes around ordinary life, routine, and ritual that utilize all the senses.

This spring, a natural time for routines to shift, set aside daily time for a week to move and write. Together, let’s literally and figuratively build the muscle it takes to be embodied writers. With fresh tools, exercises, prompts and a few new writing friends, we can turn toward the spring with enlivened resolve to live embodied, stay awake in our days, and invest in our expression. 

Register by emailing Ellie at or Yi Shun to get on the ZOOM email invite and instructions to pay by email transfer or Venmo. Please write to us by March 7; this class will be capped at 50 people.

Cost: $100

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