Adopted ca 2006 from a consignment store in Chicago, on Southport.


Meant to be “dressier” jeans due to original darker wash and stiffer denim.

Heritage: “Made in the United States,” likely one of the last pairs of Luckys to carry that distinction.

Worn: everywhere, from dive bars to wine bars to bicycle seats to ferry seats to porch stoops.

Worn: any time, from first thing in the day to late, late at night and into the early morning and then into the next day again.

Worn: with polo shirts, button-down shirts; T-shirts; sweaters. Flip flops; heels; boots; flats; bare feet; sneakers of all stripes and spots.

First tear: down around the cuffs, from scuffing along in flip flops.

First wear: Front right pocket, top edge, from rooting for change and keys.

Most obnoxious tragic flaw: zipper placket hopelessly crunched to the side, so as to expose brass of zipper. Sigh.

Second visible wear: Zipper placket, from constant tugging back into place.

Second and third tears: Knees

Fourth and fifth tears: Thighs

Sixth, inexcusable, mysterious tear: Crotch.

Diagnosis of sixth tear: consistent right-leg-over-left-leg crossing, and accompanying, inevitable slide down the seat.

Legacy: Mournfulness. Where will I find another pair?

Do you have a favorite item you’d write a biography for? Tell me in the comments below. 


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  1. Hey Yi Shun,

    So glad to find your blog here. My item would be a pair of dark denim shorts that could stand up in the corner by themselves I wear them soooo much. They have permanant creases through the front and their so short from too much washing that I’m not sure it’s even legal to go out in public in them anymore!
    The zipper is stuck in a sort of constant angle which makes it appear that my fly is down all the time too!
    But hey, wouldn’t toss them for anythng! They got me through a lot!

    BTW, I emailed you about the manuscript consult Prof. B wanted to set up this weekend. Just let me know!


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