The Daily Life Text

My daily life seems curiously similar to elementary school days.
Yesterday I made up some stories about something.
And then I made some things that looked curiously like macrame bracelets.
And then I made up some stories that were about some important things going on the world.
And then I went to play with my dog.
And then I had a sandwich for lunch, and a banana.
And then I read a book. And wrote a book report.
And then I talked to someone on the phone, and wrote down some things.
Then my best friend in the world came home, and we thought about going to the pool, but he went to the woods instead and I stayed here.
And then I wrote some more things, and then I read a book, and then I went to bed.
I can’t believe I get paid to live like this. Seriously, I am so, so lucky.

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