Tomorrow, early in the morning, I leave for Taiwan. Obviously, this trip is a Shelterbox effort; I’ll be on the ground looking for suitable places to donate our boxes. It’s not going to be easy. The mountainsides have literally slid all the way down, obliterating tons of houses in the process and leaving us, potentially, no real room to make a tent city. Besides that, the roads seem to be all blocked up, so we may have a hard time getting our boxes where they need to go.
Although I’m happy I can help, I am filled with trepidation: it’s hard to see one’s homeland wiped out like this. Thankfully, we have three team members on the ground already and it’s quite likely that I will be able to spend some of my time at the end of the trip decompressing by talking about the effort to folks in Rotary clubs who will be able to help in more ways for future disasters.
I’m signing off here. Stay safe, everyone, and keep your loved ones near.

Photo is courtesy CBS News
Photo is courtesy CBS News

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