Query Booster


Congratulations! You’ve written a book. Now it’s time to start querying agents and publishers. This package will help you on your way. You’ll get:

  • A review of your query letter. Plus, prescriptive advice on how you can make it stand out among the thousands of queries agents and publishers already receive.
  • Two half-hour phone consultations (or Skype, or Gchat, whichever you prefer), during which we’ll build a detailed querying plan that will have you well on your way. (Consultations should be scheduled within two weeks of each other. We don’t want to lose traction.)
  • detailed editorial critique of the first 25 pages of your novel.

“Yi Shun’s editing eye is keen and her insight invaluable. She will ensure that your query letter (or any other work you have her edit) stands above the rest.” —G.M. Palmer

*Currently, I only work with fiction manuscripts for this package.