A stack of postcards features a blue monster with a snaggle-toothed smile and red sneakers on and a tiny red heart in his chest. The monster is holding up a sheet of paper with a red, white, and blue checkmark on it.

Hi, folks!

Some of you may remember Bunt. He’s a little blue creature I made up to soothe myself after a Certain Election.

Bunt, ca 2016

Over the years, Bunt has changed a little. Not much, just a little.

Guess what? Bunt has changed again. Bunt has become an activist, and it’s all because of Tony the Democrat and his amazing organization, Postcards to Voters. Bunt is the latest Postcards to Voters postcard. You can buy him in packs of 100 for only $20, to support campaigns to encourage folks to vote.

Photo courtesy Postcards to Voters.

I’ve been a Postcards to Voters writer for a few years now. I was always afraid to put myself out there in a political sense. I knew that politics touches all of us, but I was raised to not rock the boat. Canvassing is not for me. Neither is phone banking. But I love postcards. I love writing to people. And Postcards to Voters is exactly the right way for me to contribute.

With this new artwork, I’m thrilled to be able to contribute on another level.

It feels good to make a difference in our own ways. I hope you’ll join me in writing some postcards for races across the country, all up and down the ballot.

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