In-person and online Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility Workshops, developed expressly for your organization, with one underlying tenet: personal growth

“DEI” has become a buzzphrase.

Organizations want to do “the right thing,” but diversity, equity, inclusivity, and accessibility are more than checklist items: they require real in-depth work, both on an organizational level and on a personal level.

We can help.

Our “All-In on Inclusivity” workshops help you to do both, with lasting effect. We’ve delivered workshops to:

  • AAA video-game studios
  • Nonprofits
  • Higher-education institutions

and more. Every single client is different, and my team and I write every workshop to address your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Our workshops

  • In-person or virtual
  • Developed especially for you and your organization
  • Discovery, onboarding, and post-mortem meetings included
  • Written reports after each workshop with recommended next steps
  • Multiple formats (multi-week; one-day; three-hour, and more)
  • Bespoke pricing for select workshops

Our team

Yi Shun (say “yeeshun” for her first name; “lie” for her last) has two certificates in diversity and inclusion, one specifically in organizations and leadership. She teaches creative nonfiction at Bay Path University and is the author of two books. She writes the monthly “Broadening the Bookshelves” feature at The Writer magazine, which aims to help us all to read more inclusively.

Yi Shun has also earned certificates in video game design from Cal Arts.

An East Asian woman in a burgundy motorcycle jacket and a grey top and jeans is leaning against the side of a red stone building. She has short hair and eyeglasses and is smiling at the camera.

Michael Schmeltzer has his certificate in diversity and inclusion in leadership and organizations. He is the author of several books and Editor-in-Chief of Floating Bridge Press, a nonprofit literary arts organization whose mission is to promote the diverse voices of Washington State poets. 

A bi-racial East Asian man in a light purple shirt is sitting on a beach. He is smiling broadly, looking over his right shoulder at something. Our view of his face is three-quarters. He has a short goatee.


“The class was engaging and moved at a pace that was easy to follow on.

I never felt bored. The best online learning experience I’ve had working from home.”
Workshop attendee
AAA video-game studio

“Incredibly eye-opening…

Very informative and got me out of my comfort zone a bit (in a productive way!)”
Workshop attendee
AAA video-game studio

“Yi Shun was exactly the right person for us to work with.

Her methods are efficacious and we are pleased to recommend her. Her training is worth every penny.”
Cati Porter
Executive Director, Inlandia

“So often with DEI workshops we focus on the tasks at hand…

I am eternally grateful to see a different perspective on how to approach these topics. I would recommend Yi Shun’s workshop to any organization that is looking to break the mold of what a DEI workshop can be.”
Alicia Tom
REI Denver

Want to know more?

Write to us at [at] gmail [dot] com, or use Yi Shun’s contact form.

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