People. People, people, people. I am so excited to share with you this really exciting news: my debut young adult novel, A Suffragist’s Guide to the Antarctic, has been selected by the Junior Library Guild!!!

Every year, the Junior Library Guild, which has been helping librarians to pick great books for their libraries since 1929, selects some books to receive its gold standard designation. These books are then sent to libraries that are subscribers of the JLG. JLG’s team of wonder editors reads thousands of manuscripts per year, before publication, and picks books they feel will add something to their readers’ lives; to library shelves; to the reading public.

I’m totally honored by this pick. I join authors Martha Brockenbrough; Gene Lueng Yang; Daniel Nayeri, and many, many other award-winning authors.

More importantly, I’m bowled over because I love libraries. I love them for the community services they provide; the many worlds they open to folks who could not or would not otherwise access them; the breadth and depth of their caring.

I love that one of my very first American souvenirs is a certificate of participation from the Delaware County Libraries’ reading club. Getting that award made me feel it was important to be good at reading. To love reading. I never forgot that, and I never fail to marvel at how wonderful it is that my mother made libraries a part of our American lives.

Photo of a framed certificate. It has hot air balloons inked on it and reads "The Sky's the Limit. Yi Shun Lai is rewarded this certificate of merit for participation in the 1981 Delaware Country Libraries Association Summer Reading Club. Springfield Library." It's signed by Margaret H. Whippich.

Now, because of the Junior Library Guild, I get to contribute to a system that made such a big difference for me. I’m so grateful.

Not every library has access to the Junior Library Guild’s services, so if you want, go request A Suffragist’s Guide to the Antarctic for your library.

And, of course, you can pre-order your own copy by asking for it at your local bookstore, or by ordering it here, or at any major retailer.

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