An Old-School Race Report

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I did two races this weekend: a 10K and a sprint triathlon. This report is about the tri. My friend John covers the 10K admirably, over here.

I used to write race reports with some regularity, but I’m reasonably sure I haven’t ever done one for a triathlon. Then again, my memory is failing me, so who knows?

Anyway, the San Dimas Turkey Tri is the first triathlon I have ever done in my home vicinity. That is to say, in the 13 years I lived here prior to my leaving for New York, and in the year since I have been back, I have never done a triathlon in southern California. So I was excited. And, I was excited because my friend Chels, who is a friend from my MFA program and has done the Whidbey Island Triathlon with me for the past two years, was also participating in this race. Plus, added bonus: Jim signed up for it too! So we had a nice little team. Chels’ husband Tyler came to watch and help us shlep stuff from race finish to the car afterward. Very nice.


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Happy 1-Year Anniversary…

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…to California, for getting me and Jim as residents. Feh.

Here is a brief list of things I like here:


  • I never know what month it is, and am sometimes pleasantly surprised to find out.
  • I am almost consistently warm.
  • I like the smell of eucalyptus and pepper in the mornings.
  • I like beingĀ  up before the rest of California, to work with my east-coast clients.
  • I like being closer to my Whidbey Island friends.
  • I like the ocean, although it is very far away.
  • We have a nice aquarium here.
  • The colleges are pretty.
  • I have enjoyed getting to re-know some friends, and making some new ones.

Well. More later.