We went to Joshua Tree

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and all I got were these lousy pictures, and a couple of days with a bestie. 🙂

Also, this remarkable series, which I am calling “Peter Stalking Things.”

Actually, it has been a nice few weeks. I had a visit with Aileen to Hermosa Beach (I’d never been before). We spent a good long time strolling in sand, disturbing sand flies and dodging them at the same time; and then we sat on her balcony and talked, and then we went to dinner. It was exactly what we would  have done if we were back in New York, if we were on Coney Island or something.

I don’t even think I wrote about the Speakeasy Literary Retreat in April, did I? Or about the great experience I had as a panelist during the Mt. SAC Writer’s Weekend, did I?

What a terrible blogger. I used to blog something like five, six times a month, did you know that? I kind of miss it.

The news lately has been all-manuscript, all the time–I’m querying my thesis novel, in the hopes that it’s good enough to find representation, but one can’t be too hopeful about such things.

Hm. More later.

An Open Letter to the Nike+ announcer lady

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Hello there.

I feel I need to tell you something. I loathe your voice. It isn’t because I do not value what you are saying. It is because you Like to Hear Yourself Talk.

I picture you a Grace-Kelly-like ice queen; frosty; sure of yourself. “You have run .01 miles,” you say. And then, because you are so deeply enamored with the sound of your voice, you go on. “Pace, 10 minutes, 12 seconds per mile.” You say this smugly, as if you know that this is miserably slow. A little later, you will say, “You have run .02 miles,” and then you will say something ridiculous: “You are halfway to your goal of 1.8 miles.”

You see? Now I know you are just talking for the sake of talking, because you are just spewing nonsense. Seriously, who runs for 1.8 miles? And who the f*** wants to know their total distance every .01 miles? Crazy people, that’s who!

You were really bad this morning: you spent so much time talking to hear yourself talk that you made me miss a critical clue that the detective in my book on tape had discovered. There is no good way of rewinding while I am trying to jog, operate you, and operate my e-audio-book (???) all at the same time. So I still don’t  know what the clue is, or even whether it matters, although I kind of think it does: You sounded extra smug.

It’s not that no one likes you. You seem to have all these friends. All these professional athletes keep on popping up to wish me well, or say things like, “Keep it up!” or “That’s the way to do it!” Who ARE these people? Tell ’em to go away. I don’t need their kudos. They tell me their names, but I am too busy trying to hear my detective hero while they are telling me. What he is telling me is so much more important that their “Attaboys” (Seriously? Are you off your nut???)

I have proof of this: See? When I go to this little “settings” place? It says I’ve turned you off.

It’s true. I have. And yet, like a bad houseguest, you keep on turning up. Really, how hard can it be to just go away?

I know, part of this is my fault. I seem to be unable to delete you. I like some parts of you. I like your little maps, your points tally, the fact that you show me when I have pulled ahead of this friend, and even when you tell me I have fallen behind. I even like your idiotic little badges, which as far as I can tell mean nothing. But part of me likes to collect these meaningless trifles, I guess.

Anyway. Every relationship has its ups and downs. I like you most of the time. I just hate it when you–or your friends–talk to me. Okay?


Yi Shun