A brief intermission and a public announcement

Aside from the basics off eating breathing, drinking water, I’ve never done anything for 30 days straight. Not in my recent memory, anyway, and not anything that I’ve known would be good for me. Maybe in my angsty college years I kept a daily diary for 30 days straight, but that’s hardly a challenge when you’re angsty all the time.
So, inspired by an acquaintance and a fellow writer, I’m challenging myself to do a few things over the next month, the next 30 days. They are things that have eluded me, and although I’m not up to challenging myself to doing something every day for a year, like the kid in Brenda’s story did, I think I can manage a scant month’s worth of time. And who knows? Maybe that month will lead to a year. But let’s not get ahead of myself. Here’s my list. I invite you all to either check in with me or make up a list of your own. Leave your lists in the comments below, if you like.

1. I will go the gym or do something physically strenuous every single day.
2. I will write a diary entry in longhand every day. It only has to be a page, but it can be more than that.
3. I will start each day with a glass of water.
4. I will make our bed each morning.
5. I will read at least the headlines of the first section of the newspaper that arrives each morning at my door and often goes straight to the recycling bin.

Okay, that’s my list. Now I’ve told you all, and I have no excuses, really. Some of these things are so simple! Who knows? Maybe this will be the start of something great.

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3 Responses to A brief intermission and a public announcement
  1. otto says:

    Since this isn’t facebook and I can’t just click on a ‘thumbs up’ icon, I’ll write a real response! AWESOME! I totally support this. Now for the criticism…5 things that you have to do everyday means 5 ways you could potentially fail in your quest to do something for 30 days. I recommend you just pick one of those – I’d say #2 – write in diary longhand.

    All the other things you can still do, but it’s only ONE thing you have to be strict on. For a schizo slacker/over-achiever like me it would make life easier.

  2. Yi Shun Lai says:

    Thanks, Otto! Yes, I agree, although I’d have to say that you’re probably less of a slacker than I am and therefore need less encouragement. Small steps, that’s not a bad mantra. And your comment reminds me that I need to add the FB plugin to this site! GREAT seeing you this month, by the way!

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