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Let’s talk about this little thing we call writing. 

Writing is hard. It can be solitary. And while both of these things can be good, we’re hard-pressed to think of any writer who wouldn’t benefit from a fresh eye on their work–and, more importantly, on their goals.

What are you trying to achieve? If it’s related to putting words down, I can help. Email me at yishun(at)thegooddirt(dot)org to talk about any of the below packages.


I consult with authors one-on-one to provide smart, actionable advice on your project or on the publishing industry. Put my knowledge of publishing and my love of marketing to work for you, and know that you’re getting the benefit of years of experience in one smart download.

Areas of expertise:

  • The publishing industry
  • The query process and its components
  • Nonfiction essays
  • Longer fiction works
  • Publishing in literary journals
  • Querying consumer magazines

…and much more.

My hourly package includes:

  • One hour-long appointment
  • Advance review of your web sites, social media handles, any marketing materials or proposals including query letters (up to 25 pages) and manuscript samples (up to 10 pages)
  • E-mail follow-up for up to three weeks after our consultation

$175 US


Congratulations! You’ve written a book. Now it’s time to start querying agents and publishers. This package will help you on your way. You’ll get:

  • A review of your query letter. Plus, prescriptive advice on how you can make it stand out among the thousands of queries agents and publishers already receive.
  • Two half-hour phone consultations (or Skype, or Gchat, whichever you prefer), during which we’ll build a detailed querying plan that will have you well on your way. (Consultations should be scheduled within two weeks of each other. We don’t want to lose traction.)
  • A detailed editorial critique of the first 25 pages of your novel.

“Yi Shun’s editing eye is keen and her insight invaluable. She will ensure that your query letter (or any other work you have her edit) stands above the rest.” —G.M. Palmer

$299 US

*Currently, I only work with fiction manuscripts for this package.


You are stuck. Your narrative seems to be escaping you, or you’re feeling like you need to move beyond where you are now, whether that be a plot point, a certain level of achievement, or otherwise. I’ll work with you to level up your writing, your plotting, your thinking. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly scheduled meetings, half-hour each. (We’ll determine frequency based on your goals.)
  • Detailed, tailored-to-you exercises and prompts between meetings
  • Actionable goal-setting that you can use beyond our engagement together
  • E-mail support between meetings

“Working with Yi Shun has helped me fall in love again with writing, not just the craft of choosing words and shaping sentences, but the process of observing the world around me and describing it for the pleasure of others.” —Fernando Gros

$799 US


You’ve shown your magnum opus to your best friend, your mother, and your workshop or critique pals, but that may not be enough. Your critique group might know you too well. And your mom and your best friend love you. Give it to me,* and here’s what you’ll get back:

  • Fresh, honest feedback 
  • A kickoff meeting about your expectations and wishes for the MS (1 hour max)
  • Written report on everything from plot points to characterization and voice (if the manuscript warrants it)
  • A follow-up phone consultation (up to an hour) about your manuscript
  • An initial plan on how to query and where

*We can discuss varying turn-around times, but I generally work on a two-week turnaround schedule. I work with both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

“Yi Shun is an excellent critiquing resource! She reviewed my 120,000 word historical fiction/mystery manuscript in a very reasonable time frame. She gave thoughtful, actionable feedback, telling me not just what was working and what wasn’t working, but WHY something worked or didn’t work. She sent back in-line comments, summary comments, and we had a phone conversation. All have proven very useful as I work through a final revision. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for honest, professional feedback on their manuscript.” —Roz Ray

$5 US/page (150 page minimum) 


Ready? Set? Let’s go. E-mail me: yishun@thegooddirt.org


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