Literary Work

While my pursuit of words allows me my living, it also affords me the chance to play with them in a more literary fashion. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing–Fiction. My debut novel, NOT A SELF-HELP BOOK: THE MISADVENTURES OF MARTY WU, was published in May 2016, from Shade Mountain Press.

Here are a few choice literary contributions.

Literary Essays

Some thoughts on why we made a visit to an internment camp part of our anniversary weekend. 


 Letters to Lee Child, the creator of the “Jack Reacher” series. He never writes back, but I get some things off my chest.










Some choice words on garden-variety bigotry. Really, it’s not their fault.










Here I am on my fuzzy friend, Sprocket. (Click the logo to go to “Bi-Pedal to Quadripedal Communications, Key of B.”)




Sometimes I like to try and put my readers into places that I’ve been. In this case, we are growing up in California’s Inland Empire. [Click the logo to go to the essay.]




The Origins of Everything

Who came up with brassieres? Or Kool-Aid? What about suspenders, fountain pens, or truffles? I was lucky enough to work with a publisher who was curious. They asked me to contribute to this gem of a book, a must-have for anyone who ever wondered about anything. Period. It’s available at book stores now, so go take a look, and look for my entries.



100 Days of Monsters

100-days-monstersWhen I first spotted Stefan Bucher’s innovative real-time movies depicting ink blobs being blown out into lively creatures, I was immediately drawn to the idea of creating stories for them. All those monsters became a book, and I’ve written one of the forewords as well as a good number of the stories in this lovely volume. An absolute labor of joy. Get some joy of your own here.



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Tell the truth, one person at a time.

I’m the nonfiction editor for the Tahoma Literary Review, a paying literary magazine started by my fellow alumnae of the Whidbey Island Writers Workshop MFA, Kelly Davio and Joe Ponepinto. Our first issue is out now, so go take a look. (Nonfiction starts with issue 2.)










It’s the only way some stories will ever get told.

I was the fiction editor for the Los Angeles Review. What a great ride, reading all those fantastic stories and knowing that the writers were all aiming for an emotional truth in those lines and between them.