Literary Work

While my pursuit of words allows me my living, it also affords me the chance to play with them in a more literary fashion. I have a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing–Fiction. My debut novel, NOT A SELF-HELP BOOK: THE MISADVENTURES OF MARTY WU, was published in May 2016, from Shade Mountain Press.

Here are a few choice literary contributions.

Literary Essays

Stuck: When Not Writing Becomes a Habit.

Some thoughts on why we made a visit to an internment camp part of our anniversary weekend. 


 Letters to Lee Child, the creator of the “Jack Reacher” series. He never writes back, but I get some things off my chest.










Some choice words on garden-variety bigotry. Really, it’s not their fault.










Here I am on my fuzzy friend, Sprocket. (Click the logo to go to “Bi-Pedal to Quadripedal Communications, Key of B.”)




Sometimes I like to try and put my readers into places that I’ve been. In this case, we are growing up in California’s Inland Empire. [Click the logo to go to the essay.]




The Origins of Everything

Who came up with brassieres? Or Kool-Aid? What about suspenders, fountain pens, or truffles? I was lucky enough to work with a publisher who was curious. They asked me to contribute to this gem of a book, a must-have for anyone who ever wondered about anything. Period. It’s available at book stores now, so go take a look, and look for my entries.



100 Days of Monsters

100-days-monstersWhen I first spotted Stefan Bucher’s innovative real-time movies depicting ink blobs being blown out into lively creatures, I was immediately drawn to the idea of creating stories for them. All those monsters became a book, and I’ve written one of the forewords as well as a good number of the stories in this lovely volume. An absolute labor of joy. Get some joy of your own here.



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Tell the truth, one person at a time.

I’m the nonfiction editor for the Tahoma Literary Review, a paying literary magazine started by my fellow alumni of the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts MFA, Kelly Davio and Joe Ponepinto. Our tenth issue is due out August 2017.










It’s the only way some stories will ever get told.

I was the fiction editor for the Los Angeles Review. What a great ride, reading all those fantastic stories and knowing that the writers were all aiming for an emotional truth in those lines and between them.