All Hail the Residency

Whidbey Writers’ Workshop MFA Residency, Winter 2013, is over.

I want to talk about a few awesome things that happened this time around.

We acquired two new awesome students, Doyce Testerman and William Xander.

Another good friend, Chels Knorr, had an essay accepted for publication in an anthology.

We had the best student readings, in my opinion, that I’ve heard in my six residencies there.

An acquaintance read an entirely new work about a subject she’s never been able to talk or write about before.

And we had the following awesome people speak, among others:

Knute Berger

Jim Lynch

Jennifer Basye Sanders

Kristen Lamb

And this happened:

Yeah. That’s pretty good, right?

Onwards, and forwards, to another semester of writing–and a completed thesis.

P.S. The winner of the contest last month is Jim Anderson. Jim, I will send you some Swedish Fish. 🙂

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2 Responses to All Hail the Residency
  1. Mel says:

    It was a fantastic residency and great readings all around. YinShun, Check out the photos from one of the faculty readings on the NILA page

  2. N2 says:

    Nice to be virtually if not physically present. Thanks for your words. x0 N2

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